Friday, May 9, 2008

words + photos week, preschool, "stuff"

For those of you who enjoy scrapbooking or journaling or recording your family's story and daily life, Ali Edwards is posting this week about focusing on words and photos and has some really great thoughts and tips. The final post (today's) is here, if you want to check it out. Her blog is one of my favorites to follow on a regular basis. Unfortunately I have not had (or taken) the time to apply the insights and wisdom found there yet, but maybe there will be an hour or so to pull away and indulge in that particular hobby soon, as things (for the kids and I anyway) are slowing down considerably.

I did stay up way too late last night finishing some scrapbook pages for a thank you gift for the young woman who has taught the little preschool group that L has gone to on Fridays this school year. At that late hour, scanning or taking pictures of the finished product to share here slipped my mind. The girls put on a little show for the parents to end their time together. (Their teacher is leaving for Africa in about 5 days.) When putting L to bed tonight, she said, "I'm sad that preschool is over now."

That slowing down that was mentioned above, allowed for some time to start tackling other things that desperately need attention around here. For one, a major purging of everything is in order - the garage, the shed, and every room, nook and cranny of the house. Our neighborhood yard sale event is scheduled for the end of May so that is one goal to work toward. It felt good yesterday to get a good start on the garage and begin to collect things and either organize or put in the sale pile. I tend to be one who clings too tightly to STUFF and struggle at times with letting it go. We hope to get a lot of the kids' outgrown clothes and accessories that have been clogging up the shed especially, in the sale. God ultimately has control over our family and the number and timing of children we each have, but at this time it isn't OUR plan, apart from His supernatural intervention, to add any more to the mix around here. (Hope that isn't TMI!) Should He choose to send us another one at some point, He will provide, and we have to get some of this STUFF out of the way because they are always accumulating new STUFF.

Well, there is more, but the late nights are catching up with me... I thought of another tool to post (referring to March of the Tools a while back) and will try to get that up this weekend.

Delighted to have a mostly unscheduled weekend at home before us!!!

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