Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March of the Tools, cereal sand, etc.

To begin with, my first contribution to March of the Tools started by Heather Bailey.

This photo didn't turn out that well, but that shiny thing there on the right is a diffuser from the Frugal Gourmet. It can be used in place of a double boiler and takes up less space! It is all ready for cooking those corn grits for breakfast tomorrow!

This is "cereal sand," as named/described by little G. He does not care for cereal sand, but B & L both do. Cereal sand is what is left at the bottom of the cereal box. This happens to be the tail end of some Frosted Strawberry Mini-Wheats.

Friday it is my turn again to host our little hands-on history gathering that we do once or twice a month with two other families (involves 10 kids, but only 5 of them are school age - the younger ones are off fending for themselves and doing who knows what in the other rooms of the house during the activities...). I must confess this is not my gifting. There is also some pressure as the last time it was my turn, it didn't go very well/I didn't do a very good job.

My topic is Thomas Jefferson. I don't have to "teach" a lot about him, just prepare and facilitate some activities that enhance what they are already learning in their reading. (All three families use the same curriculum.)

The feathers are soaking to soften them up for making quill pens, as per the instructions given in the book Colonial Days... I found at the library. You'll have to wait to hear any more details because I really should be working on that or getting some sleep...


  1. How does a diffuser work? I've never heard of one.

  2. The pan is set on top of it on the burner with the heat on low and it basically serves the same purpose as a double boiler. It provides a gentler heat and keeps it (pudding, lemon curd, chocolate, etc.) from cooking too fast. I'll try again to find one on the web and post a link in the comments on your blog. It keeps theses grits from cooking too fast and sticking to the bottom so much.