Thursday, May 8, 2008

Burma (Myanmar) and books

It is interesting that we just recently read the book I recommended here about Burma. Since we don't really receive any television stations, we haven't been able to follow the tragedy with the kids via that medium at all.

I'm a little behind on blogging due to the recent visit of my family and a couple of full days since they left. I'm about to let go of my inhibitions about posting pictures of the kids. I figured I eventually would. Not as for pictures of myself...I'm NOT over the inhibition of even having them taken, let alone posting them!!!

The kids' recital went well. There was a last minute change of location which was a bit of a disappointment (from the usual stage/auditorium to a classroom), but my parents and Geoff's mom were all here for the event which was festive. I felt bad for B (though it didn't seem to bother her much) because they have had two practice sessions with the pianist and she played her song flawlessly at the practice session, but at the recital got stuck a few times. She still did well for a 6yo.
Here's a brief portion of G's song:

B finally got her teeth pulled (the four lower front ones) Tuesday. For one who is often quite dramatic, she sure does well with situations like that. The dentist said she didn't move while he was working on her and she never cried or whined about it.

Other miscellaneous tidbits...

Last week (which seems more like a month ago) I went out for dinner with a friend to belatedly celebrate my birthday. (Roughly two weeks after the fact we found a time that we were both available.) The night before we went she sent me an email, "Where should we go, the nut house?" Little G, who is becoming increasingly certain that anything that is our (Geoff's and my) business should also be his business (i.e. nosy), was reading over my shoulder and said, "What's the nut house?"

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  1. He's amazing. Can't believe you figured out the video! wow. you're getting snazzy.
    and so, what IS the nuthouse?