Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ramblings from a home schooling mom (part 1)

Some recent conversations have triggered the thoughts leading up to this musing. Perhaps it will become a series because there is a lot rolling around in my head on this topic.

There is much value in having variety in life. It is good for me to interact with others who aren't walking the same path of educating our children at home that we are currently on, to be reminded that we all face unique challenges in parenting and in life, and that the grass isn't necessarily greener on either side. God uses different situations in each person's life to remind us that we are sinners and need His grace and the redemption found through Jesus alone. But it definitely seems like parenting (including schooling them) is an area where my inadequacies and shortcomings are frequently revealed.

These pictures show the rare (at our house anyway), idyllic type of home school moment, the children cuddled up with me listening intently as we read a book about George Washington, and sitting peacefully reading on the couch together of their own accord. The reason we have pictures of these moments is because they are so surprising when they happen!
Some people do experience that kind of idyllic situation, and it was my dream until discovering that our families personality mix (my laid back, inconsistent, low-energy, etc., teaching/parenting style, each child's unique abilities and "gifts" and learning styles, etc.) has not, to date, led to that picture perfect scenario on a very frequent basis.

There are lots of reasons why we have chosen to homeschool but the two big, main reasons are spiritual and academic. (Last we read, our state was ranked 49th in the nation academically.)

Unfortunately, I fall into sinful patterns and habits, and am easily distracted from keeping their spiritual growth and discipleship as the focus and priority. It is much easier to check off academic accomplishments and lists for the day than to hone in on their hearts and souls and what is really most important. God uses this avenue of teaching my children to remind me again and again that I am a prideful sinner, incapable of doing this and getting the results I want in my own power, and yet I continue with that struggle. Hopefully one day before my children are too much older, I will get it - figure out how to follow and look to Him completely in parenting and educating them, and for their futures.

This turned out much more random that I had hoped it would. Definitely a subject to revisit again soon.

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  1. I know what you mean by sinful patterns. I tend to either skip school and reason that it's okay, or do school and do it for all the wrong reasons. You're right that I may get the academics done, but how about character training?

    as I type this one of my kids has been banished....ugh.