Saturday, May 10, 2008

friendship (enemy???) bread - time will tell!

Anyone tried this before? A neighbor sent it over earlier this week. It is on Day 6. Not for certain about this, but based on the smell coming from the bag, if one were to consume much of its contents, they might be rendered illegal to drive! Phew! Definite fermentation going on in there!

But I'm always up for a culinary adventure so am giving it a try. The recipe you use with it in the end involves lots of sugar, and cinnamon, which sounds good enough. And I'll also need to figure out who to pass the divisions of it on to in four more days. Hmmm...


  1. It's good! My mom used to do this!!

    And I'll be a willing recipient if you want :) It'd give us a great excuse to see each other!

  2. I've done it. It's fun and it works too!