Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day musings

What is the "ideal" way to celebrate Mother's Day?

The answer to that question is as varied as the number of mothers on the planet I suspect, and even I can think of a variety of ways that would be suitable to celebrate. There are so many variables, too, such as lifestage, working or not, home schooling, a few versus lots, etc., etc., etc.

After several late nights the past week, I opted for a nap today. I'm not a big napper (can count the number taken in a year on one hand or less). But we ended up going out for a big lunch afterward, and the combo of the late nights, full stomach, and riding home in a warm car, rendered me nearly comatose by the time we got home this afternoon!!!

We finally remembered to take some pictures of me with the kids. Yes, they were in the parking lot at church, but at least we took them. Now they will have visual evidence that their mother existed. Of course millions of children grew up prior to the invention of the camera without such proof, and even still today do as well in more remote and less materialistic parts of the world, to be fully functional people without pictures of their mothers!

They DID make breakfast for me. Above is Gabe's effort at creating a butterfly shaped waffle. Turned out pretty close, especially after he decorated it with some toppings.

Anyway, to answer the opening question for myself:

This particular week at this particular lifestage the ideal DAY (be it Mother's or not) would be one at home alone to spend as I pleased (i.e. not cleaning or doing other housework). If a good book that was really capturing my interest was around, I'd curl up somewhere and read it cover to cover, especially if it was a rainy day. Or perhaps work on writing down stories to go with all the pictures in our albums. I have a feeling that 20 years from now, my ideal Mother's Day would be one with all my kids gathered around for the day.

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