Thursday, March 13, 2008

accomplishment, bread, book, and more

G, B and I are going to see Celtic Spring. If you click on their name there and watch the video, you're in for a treat! After seeing that, the kids wanted to go so much that they offered to buy their own tickets! Should put us in the mood for St. Patrick's day. On that note, we've been collecting a series of books this year that tell about the life of the person behind the holiday. We're waiting on this one now. Hope it gets here by Monday so we can read it while we're having our corned beef and cabbage and these St. Patrick's Day cookies I'm going to try.

I packed up the dress-making material and plan in a moment of realism, after writing the previous post.

I did manage to (finally) finish all the kids' year-in-review pages last night. I found 12x12 frames at Michael's (FYI, they're on sale 3/21 & 22, 2/$9 if you want to do this, too) a while back, so if no other pages ever get made about last year, at least they have the highlights at a glance for their future enjoyment. I'll add some shots of the pages soon.
It seems like cupcakes are popping up everywhere. I know they're kind of "in" right now, but I've seen several the past few days, like here (these are just nice to look at - I wouldn't even need to eat them) and here is a whole site devoted to them. I've got to stay away from cupcakes for now because I'm still going through the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes book I mentioned here.

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