Tuesday, February 26, 2008

confession & a cookbook

I really enjoy reading other peoples' blogs. It has become one of my favorite leisure time activities in the past 6 months or so (though not helped my personal "productivity"). Through that I've gotten some ideas of directions this could go, but the confession part is that I'm a little paranoid about posting pictures and personal info, even though I know lots of people do it. The idea that random people I'm not even aware of have much info about me or my family, is a little unsettling. Yet I see that the blogging community can be a vibrant and encouraging one and fun to be a part of. And reading and commenting on others blogs fills a little of the need for interaction with others that there seems to be so little time or opportunity to squeeze in to a week, with homeschooling, having little ones, and the typical busy American lifestyle. So I may have to warm up to being more vulnerable here over time. We'll see what happens!

My favorite blogs to read are scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, personal friends, and sometimes other homeschoolers. I'd like to share some of my creative pursuits along the way but was thinking about whether that was egotistical - thinking that anyone else might want to see them! But came to the conclusion that I really enjoy seeing what others have made or created - whether it is scrapbook pages, handbags, aprons, or meals - and that it inspires or motivates me to see their creations on their blogs and blesses me when they share their talents.

Sometime soon I'll post some links on the sidebar to some of my favorites!

On that note and a lighter side, I read about this book on someone's blog recently and requested it from the library:

I'm in the process of my first attempt. I read the high altitude suggestions and discussion on their website http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/ and am guessing it may take some experimentation to get it quite right. But there are lots of yummy options inside. I'll let you know and post pictures of the results later. Might have to add it to my already excessive collection of cookbooks.

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  1. I've been baking homemade bread the whole time I've lived in Flag...haven't noticed any difference in raising time or anything, ave you?