Saturday, February 23, 2008


"Nyquil take me away!"
I was hopeful that I (and the kids) had by-passed the illness that my husband had a month ago, but no such luck. We have slowly but surely succumbed to it, though oddly, it has taken on a different form in each individual. The middle child and I have it the worst at this point. The severity and length of this disease has led me to conisder the option of not going out in public again till nearly summer, which comes late to this mountain town. I realized that such a plan would be ineffective, since Geoff still has to go to work every day and can bring other illnesses home to us. Oh well, just a thought!

On a brighter note, our good friends from the valley came up for a visit today. Always good to have time with them. I sure hope we didn't contaminate them, but am glad they were willing to take the risk.

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  1. yeah! What a neat thing. Now I can keep up on your family's life even in Washington.

    I loved the picture of the dog in the snow. WOW. I even live in the same town, but it's amazing how much snow it 'really' is.