Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dresses, tea parties and other ramblings

I think the girls have spring fever. Yesterday Geoff took little G out to do something for the afternoon and the girls wanted to have a tea party. First they were wearing their dresses from last summer's flower girl stint, but since they are going to be reprising that role in the same dresses in about a month, were instructed to change. (While taking the white fluffy taffeta confections off of them, I discovered pink lipgloss on the skirts. Urgh. Hopefully it will come off, but if not, is on places that will not be terribly noticeable, and is fairly light pink.) They returned shortly with a pioneer outfit and a sundress worn in combo with fancy, sequined, heeled sandals and Easter hats. 3 yo says "We are beautiful girls." There's that humility issue again! (So glad those dresses - and shoes - still fit!!! No time or desire to make new ones.)
So they had their tea, including some fun little pink treats from Cost Plus, which just opened a store here last week - signs that we're moving up in the world! (That's a whole 'nother story about a friend talking me into playing hooky to go to their grand opening one day!) I don't have to be so stingy with the treats now because I don't have to wait till out next trip to a bigger town.
Today I got the hare-brained idea to attempt to make them dresses for Easter. Partly because I like to sew, partly because they like dresses so much, partly to use up some of the material I have, partly to satisfy my urge to create something, partly because hearing another woman talk about making her daughter a dress for Easter got me thinking (she only has one girl and her kids are in school - I shouldn't compare myself - especially since there are never more than 30 seconds in a row at most that someone doesn't need my undivided attention around here). This idea is hare-brained because Easter is less than two weeks away, they have a closet full of dresses, either passed down from others or that still fit from last year, there are a bajillion other things that should be a higher priority, and so forth. So we'll see. It probably won't happen but it is good to have a goal in mind, right?

Speaking of people needing my undivided attention: I've written this one sentence at a time over the past several hours. It may be a little scattered. Sorry to be so wordy, but this is my only outlet besides Geoff, and he can only take so much!

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  1. What great pictures! I think your girls will be blessed when they look back at how attentive you were at making their childhood special. Making these special costumes for them/ and dresses...They'll remember that for sure.

    and thanks for the e-card! how fun.