Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recent read

Don't ask when I have time to read right now. I don't. Which is why I stayed up to the wee hours three nights in a row devouring this book. It's very fascinating and inspiring. Reading about Denver's life in the deep south was really interesting. It reminded me of the children's book we read last year called Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, except that this book is true and a first hand account. (Go all the way to the end when a recent visit back to that area is described.) It's sad to think that Denver's experiences took place in the last half of the 1900's, and that his life as a homeless person in Fort Worth was better than the life he left. (His own words/opinion, which you will understand after reading.)

I would recommend this book. It opened my eyes a bit and put a deposit in my compassion bank.


  1. i will have to watch for that one :-)

  2. A friend of mine enjoyed this book too, I'll have to check my library for it.