Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A great idea!

Kirsten made a brilliant suggestion to take a picture of something that is important to you and record the story. My mind always takes off with suggestions like this and goes berserk to a point where it becomes an out-of-control project - at least in my mind. This is not a special treasure per se, but it is in the cabinet with all the special treasures, and if I tell the story of it (which is freshest in my mind), at least my children will have a record of where it came from, and when, and know that it is NOT a family heirloom (though perhaps by using them, they will become one). A couple of weeks ago I was out with a friend shopping and having lunch (first time to do that in months!) and passed a sign for an estate sale on the way back to her house. We decided to stop and it was almost cleaned out, but these cute little dishes were still piled along the wall with some other things. There were 8 of them and it was marked $10 for the set. Now we really didn't NEED these, but my friend is pretty good at talking me into buying things. (This wasn't the first purchase she "helped" me with that day!) And when the seller said something about $5...well, as you can see, they came home with us. We used them a couple of times on Valentine's Day, and will try to remember to bring them out to make more memories with them. With two little girls in the house, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
(Stay tuned - I took some great pictures of some old dolls of my grandma's when we were at my parents' last year. When there is another moment to spare, I'll share them. Right now, I have about 45 minutes to make a soup for a potluck, that I just discovered I don't have all the necessary ingredients for, so it's time for plan B!)

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  1. Awww...what a delightful thing to do. :) I love it, but you realize when you are in your 60's you won't remember it was me....haha ;)