Monday, March 1, 2010

Self-portrait and a snowy walk

Sneaky, huh?

It was pretty nice out this afternoon and we had one of the most productive days of school we've had in a long time, so I decided we all needed to head out for a walk. The kids (well, Little G specifically) started off in tennis shoes across this area where we often walk, except that it is still under a few feet of snow. I was stepping very gingerly, being somewhat heavier than the three of them and wary of one false move landing me up to my hip in the wet, icy stuff. But fortunately no, we all made it back fairly dry and not too cold.

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  1. Wow how beautiful is that?? Okay and if were to guess where you lived I think I would be close. As in what part of the country not lat long! I am a geographer so this kind of stuff is fun to me, guess where this pic was taken...