Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick little apron project

This apron was made from Nicey Jane fabric by Heather Bailey, following the Apron in an Hour Tutorial. It turned out great! There 's enough fabric to make two of these, and since this blog is my record of what I've made this year, you'll probably see its twin here at some point. I recommend the tutorial if you're looking for something like this. It was easy to follow. It took me a little longer than an hour, but I don't like to tear fabric - it seems like it stretches it in a funny way, though I've never actually ripped the whole way across to find out how it turns out. My other insight was that this apron is best suited to a fairly slender person.
Earlier this year I ordered a small quantity of some special fabrics when I saw them on sale, with the intent of making aprons for some birthday and other gifts. I'm hoping to get 6 aprons our of this small stash. The top 4 are Tonya Whelan prints.This project has appeared other places, but seeing it again today made me really want to get on it and make one. With hints of spring in the air, I've wanted to bring some "springy" decor into our home to freshen it up a bit, but feel like spending money on knick knacks is so frivolous, especially when there are so many people around the world who don't even have food to eat. (We got a card last week about this opportunity to provide meals to those suffering in Haiti for only $0.30/meal through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.) But something very similar to this could be created fairly easily with supplies already on hand, it's just a matter of having/taking the time to do it!

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