Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The period of advent began on Sunday and we are reading Jotham's Journey again this year.It is the first in a trilogy of books and the second one, Bartholomew's Passage, has recently been re-released and is available now. The kids all wanted to read Jotham again, so we will read this one next year (or keep going after advent is over?).
Last January, these Little Pet Shop and My Little Pony advent calendars were on clearance for a steal. (Unfortunately there was nothing particularly masculine available at that time, so we found a chocolate advent calender for G.) The girls were delighted (and that is a mild adjective to describe their reaction), when we pulled them out this evening. B repeatedly said, "Thank you Mommy! I like it so much! Thank you so much for giving it to me!" To be honest, in the end though, I was kind of sad that I gave them to them, as I could immediately see how it took away from the true meaning of Christmas and the simpler, purer pleasure of our real advent calendar. So, lesson learned. We won't do that again, and will now need to work harder this month to keep the focus on Christ. But for now, two little girls are dancing around the house with excitement!

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