Friday, December 4, 2009

Fa la la la la!

Yesterday was a day full of MUSIC! And a fun visit with friends, too.
The kids each performed with their Suzuki group classes at a recital that was very nice.
(All the other pictures I took included other children and therefore are not "postable.")
Then we came home for a dinner of soup and bread with another family and all decided to go back for the dress rehearsal of the Nutcracker. We have seen bits of it each year at the local Lollipop concert, but the children were mesmerized throughout the whole thing last night! I feared they would be wound up being there with their friends, but all eyes were glued, and mouths were mostly silent. Peanut fell asleep in her chair at the very end for about 5-10 minutes, right after telling me that the scene they were on (flowers? dew drops? somewhere in the midst of the sugar plum fairy section) was her favorite.

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