Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Moo

The kids have been having lots of experiences with life here. Here are some shots and short video clips from their first cow showing experience. Both of them did well.
Little G had a yearling heifer (who weighs somewhere around half a ton). He was pretty anxious at first about it all but has gotten more comfortable with practice.The heifer - Cinnamon - had been shown before and was very calm and experienced which was perfect for him. And Grandpa stayed close by in the show ring for assistance and moral support.B held on to hers even though she was being a little frisky. Considering the calf was only weaned and brought out of the pasture a week ago and this was B's first experience they both did great!The girls (of the bovine variety) were exhausted afterwards!
Since we left home at 5am to get to the show 3 hours away, so were the rest of us, but we had time for an interesting detour on the way home, which will be the subject of the next post. Here are a few short videos of them in action...


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful experience for your kids. Truly.

  2. Cute. Belle seemed to handle that calf fairly well. Gabe looks like a pro. Did you dad have a good time?