Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amongst the Amish

After stating that the kids were getting "lots of experiences with life here" in the previous post, I forgot to include what those experiences were.

Birth: Unfortunately we didn't get to actually witness this, but a cow had twins while we were here. (Cows don't usually have twins, and often have a hard time raising two calves, but this one has done it once before and seems to be managing.) We're still waiting for the kids to actually get to witness a birth. Sometime it will happen, but not this visit.

Death: Another, fortunately rare, experience, is for one of the beef animals to die on the property. Yesterday they got to watch my dad perform a procedure to get the air out of a calf's stomach who was bloated and sick and the vet worked on him some,too. (The vet also performed a procedure on a cow that has to do with reproduction - not sure what all they learned about that - maybe I should ask...) Sadly, their efforts were to no avail as the calf was dead this morning. B went with Grandpa to "deal" with it.

Random: The dog went after a skunk shortly after we arrived here and got sprayed right in the mouth. Despite multiple baths, she still stinks, and it has been a couple of weeks now. We think she may be secreting it since it looked like she might have swallowed a fair bit of the putrid stuff. Poor girl (and poor us).
There are probably not too many county fairs in the country with a horse and buggy parking area, but we were at one of them...
Yes, right there in the middle of the regular parking area.

The last book the kids had to read for school this past year was Plain Girl about a girl who was the only Amish girl at her school. I have not had a chance to read it myself yet, but little G seemed to be learning a bit about the Amish as he read it, so it was perfect timing that the cow show we went to last weekend was right in the heart of Amish country. We passed a horse and buggy on the road on the way to the show, then the kids and I decided to go home by a route that would enable us to encounter some more.
On the way home we saw this rainstorm in the distance:
Um, yeah...I took this picture while driving.


  1. You are getting to be just like your dad - pulling a "ted" while you are driving! :-)

  2. Brandy got skunked? yuck? How was her breath by the time you left. I heard you have to do something with tomato or V8 juice. Is Geoff saying that Uncle Ted takes photos while driving.