Monday, July 20, 2009

Indiana Dunes

Before Geoff went home last week, we took a day trip to the Indiana Dunes. It is an area of sandy hills and beaches with a unique ecosystem around it that is a result of currents and winds, at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
We have been blessed with wonderful weather on our annual visit to my parents' this year, and the day we went to the Dunes was PERFECT! The sun was warm enough that it felt good to get in the cool water, but the temperature was somewhere in the low 70's and it was very pleasant and comfortable sitting on the beach.

Some of the pictures I remember taking didn't download from my memory card for some reason. Like the one of the Chicago skyline around the tip of the lake, or the kids climbing on the actual dunes. Not sure if I deleted them or never took them or what.

The kids were as happy as clams and didn't mind the nearly 2-3 hour drive there and back.
I don't remember going here with my family when I was a kid (maybe once?) and am not sure why we didn't other than that most of our free time was spent going to cow shows.
On the way home from our big day, we saw this deer near my parents' home for the second time since we've been here.

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  1. I loved going to the dunes. It seemed like going to the Atlantic coast!