Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Grandpa is introducing the next generation to the hobby of showing beef cattle.
Our little animal lover is in heaven and an eager accomplice.
The other one is tolerating it.
All of these calves have been washed and the ones above were already blow-dried. Here is Grandpa drying a few more.
Observing these two has revealed/confirmed to me that there are a few rare souls who genuinely enjoy this - all the stench, sweating, hours and hours of hard work, flies, getting kicked or stepped on, etc., does nothing to quench their enthusiasm. The rest of us do our best to humor them for a variety of reasons, such as trying to enter their world and understand them better, because we had to, or maybe with the hope that they will humor us in our hobbies and pursuits. This could become quite a psychological discussion!

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  1. Probably, b/c cows can't talk, thought they can be loud when weaned!