Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thankful it has warmed up a bit again today!

Thursday and Friday it snowed again. The kids have been cooped up too much the past few weeks. I was looking for the "pause" button on the 4yo the past few days (for both her mouth and her body). Actually on all three of them!!! I'm especially thankful it is warming up a bit this weekend as we will be outside for 3 hours Saturday afternoon at the opening day for soccer.

Here is the little "organizer" of the younger set. Fortunately there is at least one of them. She felt the plastic-ware storage cabinet needed some work on was busy on this for about 1/2 an hour. Phew. Another birthday was celebrated this week (mine). We didn't do anything particularly exciting, but did make Baklava Ice Cream Topping (from Jenna's blog) that was really good (and really easy)!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    And could you send the little helper my way? LOL!

  2. Ha ha, I was going to ask if we could borrow your little organizer, too! :)