Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another food post. Surprised, aren't ya'?

There are some birthdays coming up and this was a request for one of them: It's a lime-lemon meringue pie. The pictures don't quite do it justice. That was a serious load of meringue. Half would have been plenty, but it's mostly for visual effect I suppose.
Penzey's Raspberry Kringle (Geoff says it should be called "Big Gut" Raspberry Kringle), which we had for Resurrection/Easter Sunday breakfast:
If you decide to make it (and it is worth it if you do, but make sure you have lots of people to help you eat it so you don't gain the whole 10 pounds yourself), any sort of jam or jelly could be substituted for the Raspberry Enlightenment, though might need to be thinned just a bit with a little water.
And just to prove that I occasionally do something other than cook, here is a page made over the past few days. Feeling pretty good that it is done before a whole year has quite gone by! On that note, my son was hanging around while I was working on it and asked, "So are you about a year behind on scrapbooking?"
Choke, splutter, ahem... "Make that about 9 years and you'll be closer to reality!"
A recent computer issue has served somewhat to remind me though, to be recording the stories - the words to go with the pictures - as they happen. It is so hard to recall the details a few months later, let alone a few years! And the stories are just as important, if not more so at times, than the photos. I would love to know what my grandparents and great-grandparents lives were like in more detail!
In closing, I have been longing for a reading binge lately. To get lost in a great book for a day or two, and to either just be pleasantly entertained, enlightened, or stimulated in my thinking as a result of doing so, sounds really great. In reality, that isn't an option right now...but summer is coming!!! That also reminds me that I need to overhaul the reading list there on the sidebar. Hopefully there will be a bit more time to update that then as well.


  1. Lemon meringue was my Dad's favorite! My great-grandmother used to make him one every visit! I bet he would have loved it with lime, too. Very pretty!

  2. Randy can eat almost anything but lemon/lime and squash are two things he doesn't do. He does eat squash that I hide in the spaghetti sauce! I did fess up to that after he said he really liked the sauce that night!! Ha! My boys have no clue though!

    I need some more scrapbooking challenges! I have National Scrapbook Day coming up in less than two weeks. I wish we lived closer so we could scrap together!