Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some recommended viewing

My son enjoyed this one: It was a documentary produced by the war department of this B-17 bomber's final run, and was very informative and helpful in getting a tiny bit of a glimpse into what the war was like. It was a bit slow by today's standards, but good. I wasn't watching it with them for entertainment purposes anyway...

We just finished this one tonight:

If you are studying WWII with your kids, or have an interest in it, or just enjoy history, we thought this was a great presentation. I would go so far as to highly recommend it. If it isn't available through your local library or other convenient rental source, Amazon offers a "view on demand" option. It was pretty long though - a couple of hours I think. And while it was primarily documenting the amazing sacrifices and courage and bravery of one relatively small, specialized group of men during WWII, it covered several battles of the war and was very informative. It was another reminder of the indebtedness we owe (and many other countries in the world as well) to the men who have fought for freedom and liberty, especially watching some of the elderly men who had flown the gliders describe their experiences.

Geoff and I watched this one:

You should watch it too, if you haven't already, no matter what you believe. It was incredibly enlightening as to the closed-mindedness of American academia. I would write more, but feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it and think it would be best not to further elaborate at this time. I would show it to the kids at some point too, when they are a bit older.

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  1. We're studying WWII, so the first two would fit right in. I'll keep my eye out for them!

    The last one we own. I hear ya!