Sunday, January 4, 2009

One word for 2009

Last January I followed along with the idea of picking a word to focus on for the year and this was my choice: It is a neat idea and for about 2 months, I thought of it regularly, even making this to hang on my bedroom wall as a reminder. As with many things it eventually faded from my thoughts and didn't have much of an impact the last 2/3rds of the year. But a few months is better than nothing at all, right?
At the time, I just knew that "love" was to be my focus, but this year, there hasn't been something jump out at me quite as clearly and I'm still thinking. May need to repeat this one. May decide on something different. One thing I have been aware of a lot leading up to and surrounding the holidays, and just in general really, is the excess in our lives, especially materially, but including other, non-material areas as well, so the word may end up having something to do with that.
If you want to read more, this is where the idea started.


  1. For the last few years mine has been "Peace"... I can't see where another year of "Love' would be a bad idea! LOL!

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  3. Love is a great one. I think my word is Contentment. Just to not think on others as having more/better. (not only in $$ areas, but in family areas) Being grateful that God has me where He wants me. It's pretty powerful really. ;)