Monday, January 5, 2009

Latest from the library

There was a time in my life where I read cookbooks on a regular (weekly) basis. That activity has been replaced by many others, such as blogging, but is one I hope to come back to at some point in life. This cookbook is home with us from our local library at the moment and I actually managed to flip through it while watching a movie the past two nights.(I really didn't have time this week to be doing either, nor to be doing this, but that is another point entirely.) It is Southern cookbook. Lots of biscuits, cole slaw, fried chicken, and otherwise unhealthy food. We had the spaghetti out of it tonight, which was good, but would have been better with half of the salt. I knew it was too much when I was putting it in, but decided to live on the edge and only cut back a smidgen. Half would have been plenty.
Some of the fun of this particular hobby (perusing cookbooks) has been lost in the past 7 years or so as we have tried to pursue healthier eating habits - particularly less fat and more whole grains. Substituting works sometimes, and sometimes we "splurge" and eat this way, but try to limit it. I must confess that we DO have some little sugary treat or another on pretty much a daily basis.

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  1. Well my love of cooking and food, mixed with Mitford? A match made in heaven I'd say. I'm on the FINAL book right now...I've consumed them.