Monday, December 29, 2008

Ferris wheel history

The current read-aloud book for our home school curriculum is The Great Wheel. When we get through everything that is scheduled for a day, it can easily add up to 2+ hours of me reading various books/subjects aloud to them, and they can sit better if they are doing something with their hands while listening. G pulled out some K'nex and made a model for the story.

Sometimes Geoff will jump in on the reading.This Ferris wheel is complete with motor. He attempted to give ridesto Little Ponies, but alas, the Pony's head whacked the floor every time it went around and had to be removed from the ride.As for the book, I/we love these historical fiction books that are a part of our home education. This one is hitting a wide range of topics from engineering to immigration. The Great Wheel was built by Ferris in Chicago in 1893, was 250 tall, and was meant to rival the engineering success of the Eiffel Tower.

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  1. We loved this book when we did it several years ago. Several months after reading the book, my husband found some used K'Nex with a battery-operated motor, so he and the kids built a 3 1/2 foot Ferris Wheel. I'm glad to see someone else enjoying such wonderful literature!