Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More evidence

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning. Fortunately it had warmed up by the time soccer started and the wind was much less than on Saturday. Saturday afternoon we went out for a drive and hike around the peaks. It was good we brought their winter coats, but would have been nice to have their gloves, too!!!
They brought some of their art supplies and made some pictures (when we found a spot out of the wind - there were gusts that day of 50-60 mph we heard).
Little L looked more grown up to me in her new jeans and coat... She's a pretty good little hiker for a 4yo.
We took a trail that was new to us that went up to this old cabin built in the 1890s. (It has been cut down in height for safety.) There are also some old pictographs in the rocks up behind it (supposedly estimated to be about 1000 years old...).
After that we ventured out to the cabin of some friends from church - basically went "off roading" in our van! We all enjoyed hanging out with them for a while. It ended up being a pretty late night! It surprised me that no one asked for food while we were there. On the way home they said they were just enjoying the time too much to think about it. (Again, if you know our family, you will recognize this as abnormal behavior! They never forget about food...)

Sunday went pretty well, ending with an opportunity to have coffee with a friend that was a fun blessing.

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  1. Looks, and sounds, like a great time! But I'm still reeling from the shock of that thermometer! =O