Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aspects of life

The proper word is not coming to me (if there is one) to describe the "segmented" or "separated" feel to our lives. For some reason this has occurred to me in a new way the past day or so.

What I'm speaking of is that there is really no one we see more than once a week on a regular basis. There is no one from Geoff's school that goes to our church (consistently anyway), or from our church that we run into at any of our kids' activities. The other home schoolers that we interact with on the most consistent basis go to different churches and are involved in different activities. Our families are far away. Friends are spread all over the country and beyond. A huge variety of people "know" us in various, extremely limited circumstances (a few minutes at group music lessons, the conversation in the hall at church, one meal together), but few if any know us well and vice versa. This may not make much sense, but it was a bit of an "aha" moment in relation to an area that we/I struggle with contentment in.

I would enjoy hearing how others see this (or don't see it) in their lives if you feel comfortable commenting. It varies for all of us from year to year, season of life, during moves and transitions, etc. Personally, I haven't come to any particular conclusions on the topic, and don't have "feelings" about it yet. Just thinking about it.


  1. Our lives are a bit compartmentalized, too. In our case, it's mostly a distance thing. Our church is an hour away so we don't get together with friends from there often.

    And because we live out in the boonies, we aren't part of any co-ops.

    But the nearest town to us is msall so we do run into the same folks on a regular basis to catch up.

    Definitely different than when we lived in big cities....

  2. That's funny that you feel that way, I've been thinking the same think for about the last month! Actually, I think it started over a year ago, and has just gotten more intense sense I've been working on the weekends. I am hoping and I keep telling myself its a season and then it will be over. I think the older and more kids you get has a little bit to do with it too. -Kelly

  3. I wonder if your standard of "connectedness" is based in the tightness of a staff team so most comparrisions outside of that situation are going to seem lacking.
    Just a thought - and that's the only one I have right now at 10:30 pm


    where is that clash party photo anyway??? :)

  4. So, I'm thinking you guys could all move into my house and then you'd get to see me (and my housemates :) ) EVERY day. It would be beautiful.