Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bacon boy and other local creatures, and a science "experiment" (or whatever)

We eat bacon, oh, maybe twice a year. The main reason being that it is just not good for us, but coming in at a close second, is the mess and clean up involved. A while back I devised this system for reducing that factor somewhat - aluminum foil "shields." (Also handy when making frybread - another rare but messy occasion.) Someone insisted that he needed to cook it himself...
Tarantula update:
The tarantula we caught after church last Sunday had to be released on Monday. We wouldn't have been able to keep it alive, but someone wanted to keep it and thought it was "cute." Another someone accidentally let it loose before it got out the door. There is a video at the end if you make it through all these pictures.

Our neighbors are going to think we've decided to decorate for Halloween!

Science "experiment?" (you decide...)

Geoff is responsible for science around here. He claims this project was in the science book they are working through. It's a model of a "cone volcano." An ice cream mountain exploding strawberry topping lava, chocolate chip lava bombs, and graham cracker crumb ash. Hmmm.

He made the model. One big one instead of 3 divided up portions. Those of you with personal experience with our children, realize already that this went awry.

And as is documented here by both girls' faces:


  1. That was one of your funniest post yet! hilarious pictures.

  2. She said "claims" it is in the science book. It really is in the earth science book put out by Answers in Genesis! The kids thought this was the greatest "experiment" yet I think, except for feuding over who got the most.

  3. This was so comical! Loved the expressions.

  4. Bacon. Yum! We don't have it often because of the cost. But nothing noble- we'd eat it often if we could!

    The tarantula creeping around the house is just too creepy!

    And could you send Geoff to do science at our house? I'd be the first one in and all the kids would be unhappy! =P

  5. Hey, we will have to try that volcano thing...our girls will LOVE it! Your girls' expressions cracked me up...that will be our girls when Caleb gets old enough to torment them! :)

    Oh, and by the way, I don't think "tarantula" and "cute" should ever be in a sentence together! Yuck!