Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little G has requested Indian tacos for his birthday meal. I've decided that having two birthdays to celebrate less than a week apart, especially right when it is time to be starting up school again, is not the best arrangement. Not sure quite when we'll have a cake, since we're sort of having a week-long celebration.Speaking of school, I have come to realize that we need a few weeks free of any other activity outside the home to have a successful start in any way, shape or form. Fortunately, the next few weeks are pretty cleared up in that way, so that will be helpful. I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in planning our days, especially in how to include L in a way that is productive and positive for ALL of us. We have a lot to cover each day and little L cannot entertain herself all day every day while we "do school," practice violin, etc. (Another way of saying that, is that I have no idea how I can give three separate people "undivided attention" several hours a day for the next 9-10 months, and that feels like what we're headed into! Eek! I know that isn't really the case, but it does feel that way.)Another prayer request would be for G's ability to focus/concentrate and therefore increase his speed in getting his work done. Improvement in this area would significantly help with everything else, including my nerves and frustration level!

Blogging hiatus...
There may be a slow down in posting these next two weeks. We'll see. I could blame it all on school, but truth-be-told, I'm an Olympics junkie. I almost never watch television - only when visiting family or on vacation, and not always even then - except when the Olympics come around. So the time that I usually spend blogging may be consumed with watching the Olympics instead. The only time in our life we ever had TV service of any type (like cable or DISH or anything) was a few months the year we lived in Florida, primarily for me to watch the Olympics. That is a whole story in itself. It just so happens that the one station we can sometimes receive at our house is NBC, so on any given night there is a possibility that I can watch them. The past two nights have been fine (and I was up way too late - that men's relay victory was worth it), but earlier tonight, it was all a black and white blur.

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  1. That frybread looks delicious!

    I always feel like I'm never giving everyone enough time yet I'm home all day with the two girls. I wonder if it's just "mom guilt"??!!

    When my now 12-yr old was too little for regular school work, I used to give her a few school supplies so she could feel like she was "working", too. Pencil and paper, glue if I was really feeling brave, and paint if I was fearless. And lots of educational books, puzzles, and *ahem* videos.