Friday, March 21, 2008

frequently frybread

Frybread is a factor in any gathering and most money-raising events for Geoff's work. Thought I would share about it. From what I have read and understood to date, the Native Americans did not have wheat flour prior to the white man's arrival. It seems that it really became a part of their diet after they were forced onto the reservations and could no longer feed themselves from the land in the manner they were accustomed to. And so the US government gave them flour. (As their way of life changed and their diet, they developed new health problems. They have a high rate of diabetes, etc. But this is a tangent and it has been a while since I read all this so my memory of how it all went may be inaccurate.) Anyway, somehow frybread became a staple food of most tribes across the nation.
The woman who's hand you see with the dough, has been making frybread since she was a child. (Forgot to mention, she estimated she has made millions of pieces of frybread. This night alone she made 60.) She throws it back and forth between her hands while rotating the dough - like you might see in a hand-tossed pizza parlor - till it is just right - perfectly round, then drops it in a pan of hot oil. It is eaten with most meals and frequently sold as Indian tacos. Made like tacos but with frybread instead of tortillas.

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