Thursday, March 20, 2008

more food & some other random bits

Came upon this little idea while blog-hopping today. This family wrote nice things on little strips of paper and took them on a walk around their town, leaving them in nifty little places for people to find randomly. May have to try it some day.

Here is evidence that we do occasionally eat something that is good for us around here:
(Every time we have asparagus it is a nostalgic experience. It reminds me of my family's garden growing up and the big patch of asparagus and going out to pick it in the late spring. Yum. I never had asparagus from a store till my late 20's or early 30's.)

And here is what we had for dessert afterwards:

I just had to make it. The strawberries needed to be used. Then this recipe from the King Arthur Flour website showed up in my Inbox. And we had a few cups of cream left in the fridge from our ice cream-making project for Thomas Jefferson day.

Really there are things I do (or at least enjoy doing) besides cook and blog, when there is a moment to spare!

At this website, they have a camera mounted on a bald eagle nest. It isn't the kind of thing you want to sit and watch for hours on end, but kind of interesting to check in on every once in a while. Right now I've only seen the eagle sitting on the nest and assume, waiting for eaglets to hatch. Last year we saw the baby eaglets.

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