Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ok, I lied. A few articles to mention.

So I'm watching the Olympics (with very blurry reception tonight, and little G staying up a bit to watch with me) AND blogging! But this is a short one.

Did anyone else read this article in the Sunday paper insert about the power of so-called "tweens." This was close to home, because we have one in that category already. But I think the article had some things we should all be aware of - how companies are targeting that age group, etc. I could post some tantalizing quotes, or philoshopical musings...if I weren't so tired and trying to watch the Olympics at the same time!

If you read the article, don't miss the part in yellow at the bottom: "TXT: The New Language."

Another interesting article called "Fleeting thoughts: How the internet is eating my brain." Unfotunately, you have to have a subscription to read the whole article online, but if you happen to, and missed this one, it is food for thought.


  1. Hey Tiff,
    I did read the article last week and although Jessa had viewd maybe 1 Hannah Montana episode ever she is buying the marketing hook line and sinker. I caved and bought her a high school musical tee-shirt - but feel great remorse at the decision.
    By the way Scott says if you miss/can't get rteception for some of the Olympic events you can go to the NBC web site and view them there - in full color and static free!