Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creativity and cute idea

Aren't these the cutest? Going to have to "lift" that idea!

I really don't have time to craft/sew/scrapbook right now - too many things that are higher priority to be done. BUT that need/desire/urge to create something has been nagging away at me while doing all the other necessary stuff. I indulged last night...

Clipboards were on our school supply list this year. (The one I make up for us...) These were cheap but generic and basically just ugly:

But they have been transformed...

by stamps, ink, and some acrylic craft paint. They are now personal and a little more fun. I had to resist the urge to attack them with scrapbook and card-making supplies (like ribbon and paper) since the whole point was to have smooth writing and drawing surfaces for times when we aren't at the table working. And now I will know exactly which little person left theirs lying in the middle of the floor!


  1. That's a super idea...having them individual is perfect. Same with monogrammed towels....I always know whose towel is whose.

  2. Ooh! I love those! Great idea... =D