Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sentimentality, and the "Fat Farm"

There is so much going on - lots of it blog worthy - but too busy doing it all!!!

This week G and B are participating in S.W.A.M.P - Summer Worship and Music Program. They practice every day this week then put on a musical production Friday night about Elijah. From what I heard, there are about 90 kids involved. This is creating many nostalgic moments for me. They are doing this at the church I grew up in. It is a bigger church and has always had a very strong music program all around. The ladies who are heading it up were young newlyweds helping with the jr. high/high school choir when I was a teenager. Now they have kids who are old enough to help run it!!!! G and B were a little apprehensive about it the first day but now that they know what is going on, are really enjoying it.

A new baby made his way into the world early Tuesday morning. Unfortunately GIL (acronym they made up for themselves) missed the blessed event as they were still asleep when it happened. Disappointing but they still got to see him when he was pretty fresh and wet and wobbly. The grass was too tall to get a good picture, but that white spot in the grass is his little head.

This is his mother a few days prior, getting a toenail trim - with a hammer and chisel. She was remarkably patient with the process. This is the fast method - you should see the process of trimming the show stocks' feet! It involves a tilt table and a circular sander, flies, sweat, manure, risk to the trimmer, etc.

Something else that G has gotten to drive (and "vintage" as well - probably as old as me):

And driving the truck up the lane, which mostly went OK except for when he braked at the end and threw L into the dashboard (she wasn't hurt): If you put something in the ground, it will grow here. We've picked green beans, potatoes, zucchini, and herbs, and the sweet corn has just started showing up at roadside stands today. Next week we hope to pick blueberries, and the neighbor said we could come pick some cherries off of his tree. I sense a couple of pies coming up which is more nostalgia because my grandma used to always make cherry and blueberry pie. This is the tomato patch, but unfortunately they won't be ready to eat before we head home from here.
Which leads to another topic. Geoff sometimes calls this the "fat farm" because there is always so much around here to eat and we usually gain weight during our visits. (Not all of it is fruit and vegetables!)

Oh there is so much to show. More coming soon!


  1. What a fun visit you're having! Your family is lucky to have somewhere so fun to go.

  2. G is probably still having fun driving everything! It is fun they could see the new calf. Hope you all are still having fun.