Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Saturday spent

After 6-7 hours today, the kids' rooms are relatively purged and organized. I have to stay on top of them and help them learn to do a better job of upkeep so it doesn't come down to this. I really don't enjoy spending my whole day "off" on that.

It has been...months...since I last made a scrapbook page. Last night I just felt the need to do one, but the results weren't exactly glorious (certainly wouldn't ever grace the pages of any scrapbooking publication) but the pictures are down and captioned and years from now the kids will know what the pictures are from, and really that's what is important anyway.

On that note, multiple people have mentioned that I have unrealistic expectations of myself. I've been thinking about that because Geoff brought it up again this week. Writing about scrapbooking reminded me of it, because often my perfectionism, and wanting my scrapbooks to look like the ones in magazines, holds me back from doing anything at all. (And on a whole other tangent, I often worry that there is little eternal value in this hobby and that it is a purely selfish absorption of mine. But that is for another time and place and given the size and breadth of the hobby/industry, could really "stir the pot" to question the value and significance of it.

Getting back to having unrealistic expectations... This affects many areas of life. Parenting, for example. And my brain is not functioning well enough to blog deep thoughts right now, so this topic will have to be revisited sometime.

Tried this Thai Chicken, Mango and Pineapple Salad last night. Way too much work and not that spectacular.


  1. I like that your are questioning the ongoing value of your time invested in the hobby. Always a good measure of the importance of a thing. Thanks for the reminder of importance of eternal value.

  2. oops -- that's from me -- Molly, it's like morning talk, only it's morning type.