Monday, May 19, 2008

Blunder du jour

Tonight while out for a walk I happened to look down and notice that the pants I had worn all day long (meaning to run errands this morning, to go to church and see a whole lot of people, to run some more errands, and while we had a young family from church over for dinner tonight), were a very old pair of spotty, stained, way out of style ones that are still around because...well...I can't really think of a good reason why. I had mistakenly grabbed them thinking they were a different pair that my "fashion consultant" friend had helped me pick out and approved a while back and never looked carefully enough to see that they were indeed NOT. Ugh.

Anyone who knows me IRL can attest to the fact that I fall far short of being fashionable - always have, probably always will. And at this point, I'm OK with it, though still feel self-conscious on a regular basis. But the situation reminded me of Emily's "mom jeans" video on her blog earlier this week. I'm somewhere between that and trying to dress like a teenager at nearly-40 (that drives me almost as crazy), though I often fall pretty close to that video...

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