Thursday, May 15, 2008

Futility of gardening, part 3, and "enemy" bread

In spite of spending time and money purchasing and putting up a fence around our new little SFG beds, the twerpicus maximus dogicus (that is polite Latin for "bad dog") tore up the spinach and lettuce box. So now we're on planting number two. Someone finds it necessary to remind me on a regular basis whose idea it was to acquire said dog and who spent months picking said dog out on Petfinder. Here he is looking all innocent...or remorseful (yeah, right) the scene of the crime. Hopefully the boards I placed over it after replanting it will slow him down, but doubtful.
The flowers seem to have survived the snow, but the verdict is still out on the lilacs and fruit trees. Since I know y'all are waiting with baited breath, I'll keep ya' posted on that.

Yesterday did not go so well around here, so in an attempt to make improvements in that, I made charts for everyone of what is expected of them each day. The novelty of getting back to using them worked in our favor and everyone was quite helpful and industrious in getting their stuff (school, chores, etc.) done today without arguing with me about it. PRAISE THE LORD! I'll take even ONE day like this once in a while.
The Amish Friendship bread was ripe yesterday. Whew! With about 2 cups of sugar and a cup of oil, on top of the work and having that fermenting bag on my counter for nearly two weeks, I decided it was "enemy" bread - enemy to my time and thighs and health and... So the leftover starter went by-by. (Sorry Lana, I wasn't coming to town for a few days and didn't have a way of getting some to you.)

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