Thursday, April 17, 2008

happy day

Though I woke up feeling nasty, possibly due to diet Coke withdrawal as I'm supporting a friend in her quest to kick the habit, the day has turned out pretty well so far. There are probably 10 significant reasons why I should be doing this besides moral support.

Backing off on the soda
Notice I didn't say "caffeine," just soda. But since caffeine usually came in the form of a soda in the afternoon for me, and since I didn't consume an alternative source yesterday afternoon, I'm assuming that the raging, nauseating headache I woke up with could be attributed to nearly 20 hours straight without caffeine. It's been at least a week, maybe closer to two, but I may cave this weekend when we spend two days in the valley (where it is supposed to be approaching 100F). The headache got me thinking that I really ought to get off caffeine altogether - but not this weekend! After the coffee had a chance to kick in, we headed off to...
a tie dying event with some friends
Tie dying is very fun, but I'm glad she was doing it, not me! I'm looking forward to the surprise of how they turn out in the end. The girls tried for hearts, and G a swirl, but as is often the case, were anxious to do it their own way and kind of went crazy squirting the dye on, so hopefully they don't just look like "mud" when they are finished tomorrow!

Pinewood Derby

Last night was the Pinewood Derby at AWANA. G & B both made cars. It was fun to witness.


Briefly visited with the same little one who shared the cold with me a few weeks ago at the derby event last night and later heard that she was throwing up most of the night. Pray it doesn't strike Saturday at the wedding event!

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