Thursday, April 17, 2008

happy/sad ending to day

The owners of the visiting dog saw our "found" poster at the gas station in our neighborhood and called twice while we were out tonight. They came right over to get him after we called. It was sweet because a little boy came with his mom and she said he hadn't eaten because he was sad about his dog being gone. They were all smiles and very grateful to get him back and Geoff and I were grateful to be able to return him to his home, especially before we left this weekend and had to have someone take care of him, or take him to the animal shelter. He was a really nice dog and it seemed like he must have had a home. It was funny to learn that his name is "Sparky" too!!!

The sad part is that both girls were sobbing. (What are we going to do in a few years when hormones kick in?) B is especially distraught. Hopefully all that we have going on the next two days will help get her mind off of missing him.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute puppy...but probably the last thing you need!

    Where are you headed for the weekend? When are your folks coming to AZ?