Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and spring fever

This weekend there was a total of 68 hard boiled eggs at our house. Each of them dyed a dozen (plus a couple extra) and they each brought home 10 from an egg hunt Saturday morning! We've had egg salad sandwiches (reminiscent of Grandma H making them for Grandpa) 3 lunches in a row! B feels a need to hoard them forever. Have a hard time convincing her every year that they are perishable and can't be saved.

We went to an egg hunt Saturday morning, then Grandma came up Saturday night and stayed till Sunday afternoon. The kids hunted for plastic eggs before church Sunday. It was good to see lots of people at church, and there was a large number of people baptized. Geoff taught 5th and 6th grade Sunday school and I covered the child check-in station for a bit while some friends watched their daughter sing in the kids' choir. After that we had lunch with some friends and talked while the kids played for a while. It was a nice weekend.

We are on week 29 of the Sonlight curriculum, which means we have 8 weeks left (including this one). It is hard this time of year to stay motivated and keep plugging away - for me as well as them!

Gotta' go find a bigger, better safety pin to hold up the peanut's pants. She's a little handicapped right now - one hand occupied keeping them on, the other one free for playing.

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