Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cuisenaire rod creations and Easter dinner preparations

What some people do with math manipulatives when they should be doing their "real" school work...

Why use a dipping tool when your fingers will do?

And this is a bad picture of my hand. Fortunately it looks much better than it did before I did the dishes. Egg dye preparation gone amuck. I feared that other church goers might take me for a Smurf tomorrow! Here is an example of my frugality getting the better of me. I have pint size bottles of food coloring from Smart & Final that need to be used for something, and making the dye isn't difficult. But getting it out of the bottles is a mess. Hence the blue hand. Next year we're buying the packaged tablets!

We are having lunch with another family after church and were asked to bring a vegetable, and if wanted, a bread. For the sake of festivity, I made Italian Easter Bread, which Geoff's grandma has made in the past. Geoff is 3/8ths Italian, which makes the children 3/16ths Italian, right? So this is preserving a bit of their heritage. I need to email her and get more info about this. She's almost 90 and is on the internet. Cool, huh? It was all we could do to exercise self restraint to not eat this tonight. I used golden raisins instead of the candied fruit and added some anise oil along with the seeds. (It's my fault that the dye ran.)


  1. What fun! I am so impressed with all of your fun activities. It is exhausting just reading about all of them! I love knowing what you and the kids are up to! Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Hey! I'm back. You had some amazingly great posts while I was gone. You're becoming quite a good blogger.

    I'm feeling smug that I pushed you that last way into blogging. :)