Tuesday, March 25, 2008

one of my greatest passions

It is a little scary to go much beyond the "what we did today" topic in this blogging arena. One really doesn't know who all is reading (for those who have emailed or commented - thank you - it helps knowing who my audience is!) or what their response is, like you would if you were sitting on the couch together. Having said that, I feel that I must blog on the following area because it is such a part of me and my thoughts on a regular basis.

Besides developing an ever-deepening relationship with Christ, and then the other things listed over there on the "About Me" snippet, I have a great fascination with people and relationships - friendships, families, kids, adults, personality types and differences, why people respond to things the way they do - almost anything on this topic. And along with that, enjoy finding ways to deepen friendships, maintain them over time and distance, and encourage others - contributing factors in starting this blog.

On my recent Thomas Jefferson kick, I have read a couple of different quotes from letters he exchanged with John Adams. These are especially interesting when the fact that they had been at odds due to political differences for many years is taken into consideration. Here is a little excerpt from The Jefferson Way by Jeffrey Morris:

"What interesting letters they wrote-about politics, the history they had made together, religion, science, the books that they were reading, and being a great-grandfather. Adams wrote that 'whenever I sit down to write you so many subjects crowd upon me that I know not what to begin.' Jefferson wrote that of the many things he knew, 'none more surely that I love you with all my heart, and pray for the continuance of your life until you shall have tired of it yourself.'"

How often does anyone communicate like this in this day and age (let alone MEN)? Why don't we? How often do we get close enough to someone else to even feel like saying something this touching? In my opinion there are several contributing factors but may have to save those for a future post.

One thing I have come to understand more clearly is that some people have the personality type that values or makes an effort to keep in touch with others over time and distance, and some don't - they are more engaged with their immediate situation and surroundings. Neither one is better than the other - just different. It has been good to have some friends who have helped me understand the thought processes and feelings of the kind that I am not.
This book just arrived today on women's friendships and I'm already devouring it - not literally, though it does have a recipe for something chocolaty at the end of each chapter!
There is much more to say on this topic, but the neurons are already starting to shut down and there are still some actual (as opposed to virtual) things that need to be done around here before going to sleep tonight...like real US Mail correspondence.

LOVED our day off from school today.

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