Friday, March 11, 2011

Not so blue?

This is the result of my attempt to participate in the Daisy Yellow "No Frills Prompt 15: Blues". There isn't anything particularly "blue" about it, but I sketched it with an ebony pencil. Isn't the original photo for the prompt lovely? Here's my interpretation:
I have to confess that several of the "rules" for the No Frills Prompts series were broken in the making of this drawing (such as doing most of it while talking on the phone...ahem).
Life has been pretty stressful lately. It seems like I go through phases of a day or two every so often, where I feel overwhelmed. It would probably be interesting to keep a log of when that happens and see if there is some pattern to it. Stopping to create something like this is a good reminder to slow down a bit and breathe.


  1. Tiffani, Thank you for playing along! Your sketch is gorgeous and a great interpretation of the prompt - after all you can use the word, the photo, or both!!! I'm glad you are noticing when you need to slow down and breathe. Best wishes!

  2. I've always wished I could sketch. It looks great! Thanks for stopping by this morning!


  3. Tiffani, I knew you were crafty, but I didn't know you could draw too. Wow. I can't imagine sketching out something that well. Hope to hear from you soon...Melinda