Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perspective from where we're at now and other randomness

One of the blogs I follow regularly had a prompt Friday about perspective. As I was uploading these pictures, it occurred to me that these pictures taken from the side of our house show a perspective of our new life here, and remembered the post about it.

The view from our garage last Saturday.
The sunrise a few days later, taken from our doorway.
Later that same day from our dining table.
And the same view as the earlier sunrise.
On a different occasion and location and not especially related to perspective (unless you count looking down the rows, up in the tree, etc.)
Returning from an outing to collect hedge apples, which we are hoping really do what the old wives' tales claim, and repel spiders and annoying insects.
The lowly hedge apple. We had to search the Internet to learn about them after this.

Recent yumminess...
We (because Geoff was really the one who did so) used to make stuff peppers from time to time, but is has probably been more than 10 years since we had them, until last week. We learned of this little bakery in the middle of nowhere and took a drive last Saturday. Geoff said they had the best doughnuts he'd ever had, which is pretty high praise from someone who isn't even a big fan of doughnuts!

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  1. This is a whole new way of life, especially for the kids! It almost seems foreign after Arizona. I hope they enjoy it. :)