Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall in my soul

One day I had the rare luxury of being by myself for a few minutes while driving somewhere. Looking at the beauty of fall all around me, it hit me how quickly the leaves are changing and dropping and that there are beginning to be bare branches and trees all around that will not be so pretty to observe for the next six months or so. At the same time it occurred to me that this move has precipitated a season of fall in my soul that I have a pretty good feeling is going to turn into a time of winter in my soul, just as the same is occurring in nature around me. This isn't a purely pessimistic outlook, rather the knowledge that there are things that need to die on the inside and lie fallow for a time so that fresh new life can spring up in those places. Pruning that needs to happen to refer to the Biblical analogy of the vine and the branches. This isn't something I'm particularly looking forward to, but know that it needs to happen, and can only hope that winter doesn't last longer in my soul that it does outside.

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  1. I was thinking along the same lines the other day. Fall is so bittersweet and even winter has it's own beauty- and generally makes spring seem that much sweeter when it finally comes! I guess we need to remember to make the most of our personal winters and not let the lessons go unlearned. Not easy.