Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gardening magic

These are the few remaining seed starts that haven't made their way into the ground quite yet. For months, I have moved numerous pots, boxes, egg cartons, and so forth, in and out of the house every night and morning, watered them all once or twice a day, and most recently, transplanted them. Sunday night we all ran outside about 7:00pm to cover as much as possible, after checking the weather forecast and noticing it was going to be a little too close to freezing.
Some new things we tried this year included Swiss chard and arugula, and turnips. Some kind of little bug really likes the arugula and tops of the turnips and chewed 100's of tiny holes all over them. Lots of squash plants are out and looking healthy so far. Hopefully they provide a good crop in the fall.

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