Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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The mood to fix up some parts of our home has struck me this spring. And there are many places to fix up!

For example, this wall:


The catch is, I want to accomplish this "home styling" without spending much, if any, $$$$$$$$. I've been collecting other frames and odds and ends around the house and about to create a more pleasing montage in this space and have some crafting ideas to add to it as well, such as some of these silhouettes. Hopefully it will warm up soon and there will be an opportunity to hit up some garage sales for other treasures.

And these fabric covered eggs would make some fun spring/Easter decor, and would only require the acquisition of some more eggs, which are quite inexpensive. Though there is an abundance of fabric scraps to be found on the premises, not many of them are in colors that would be so nice, but paper would probably work just as well, and between those two choices, I should definitely be able to come up with something!!!

Besides wishing for more time to craft, the desire to have someone to work on all these little projects with has been nagging at me. The kids like to be that someone, and are getting closer to that point every day. But at this point, if they want to participate, I spend the whole time getting things for them, then cleaning up after them when they are done, and never accomplish anything myself.

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