Sunday, March 7, 2010

In a spring mood!

It snowed several more inches again today. As a matter of fact, it sounds like the snowplow is in the 'hood right now. Perhaps the abundance of snow we've had this year has been the primary factor in my strong desire to make it seem a little "springy" inside our home. The daffodils and other bulbs (bulb flowers are my absolute favorite - calla lilys, tulips, hyacinths, crocus - they're all wonderful) are still buried under a few feet or more of snow.

Decorating is not my forte, partly due to my frugality and extreme practicality. But I have just felt the need for something fresh and light. The kids and I picked these silk flowers up (half off, of course!) this week.They found a home in a recycled container that had originally held those reeds that sit in scented oil and infuse the air. And harking back to the post about taking pictures and telling the story of things that are important to you... I have unfortunately lost track of the origins of the doily in the pictures above, which ultimately, is not a big deal. It seems like we received a few from Geoff's family (or perhaps mine?) that might have been made by a family member, and I also have some that I purchased the summer we spent in Albania many years ago (for mere pennies from this sweet woman who had made them) and they have unfortunately gotten all mixed up and things I never thought I'd forget, I have.

On a more serious note, the sermon this morning was on John 19 and the death of Jesus. We also learned of the sudden, unexpected death of a young mom acquaintance this morning, and it has been on my mind all day. We do not know when God has planned for us to go, and it has been a wake up call to me to live with a more eternal mindset. If it was my turn to go "home", what would I want to have said, done, etc., with and for my husband, children, parents, extended family, and friends. Thinking of the possibility of death is a good reminder to really live. My heart has been heavy as well, thinking of the three young children and the husband, an acquaintance of Geoff's since his college days, and their loss. And though it is hard to comprehend, God is still good, all of the time.


  1. Very pretty :) You with your flowers for the warmth of spring and my snow items for the coldness of snow. :) tehe

  2. Great flowers! I am sure you must be ready! The blue bonnets are already starting to peep out here. It was like a light switch. March 1st the wind started blowing and you could feel the southern air starting to have dominant presence again.

    God is good, it is a struggle to understand that at times, but he really is.