Friday, March 26, 2010

Ahhh, spring

(There are lots of pictures in this one...)

Nick-knacks are not my thing, and except for Christmas, we don't have much of a collection of seasonal decor around here. But this spring there has been a bigger desire to bring some brighter, cheerier accents into our home. After looking around a bit, very little has appealed to me, and that in combination with my desire to incorporate more "re-purposing" and less consumerism into our lives this year, led to this:I was also looking for something that was spring-y without being Easter-y. This began it's life a few years back as one of these:It is a roughly 4" square canvas from the dollar bins at Michael's and/or JoAnn's, which had been "painted" by my then-3yo. This fall she started to make something else out of it after watching Little G and me at a class at our LSS, but never finished it and it had been laying in one of the previously-mentioned piles around here since then.

I was envisioning something bright and light so it had to be "primed" first.Since then, I've done something to it here and there till having a few minutes to finish it up. It still feels like it needs a little something else, If it ever hits me as to what that it, I may tinker with this a little more.

It has been in the high 50's here most of the week and there are patches of grass appearing here and there, though still a few feet of snow in the backyard. It is shrinking rapidly no, and look what I found peeking up through the ice/snow:Yes, those are Christmas lights you see in that pictures and the one below. They became buried in the snow which was too heavy, deep, and icy for us to rescue that string of lights from after the holidays. I think we might be able to excavate them and put them away this weekend - just in time for Easter! Some crafty goodness that I received yesterday:
Some great thread, part of it on wooden spools, in lots of great colors, many of which I don't have in my collection. This metal flower pot container was in the garage and made a fun container. I don't know if I'll keep it in here. I want to be able to use it and I don't like having to dig through piles of things to find what I want. But for now it is a fun addition to our little "ancestor table."

Have you made the acquaintance of "psycho bunny?" I mean, look at those eyes! My memory fails me, so if I have written about him in the past, please forgive me. He's been around since one of our first Easter's as a couple.
Well, it flurried a bit today, but it was 40 degrees, so no biggy there.


  1. love the painting...and psycho bunny.. hehe....cute

  2. I love using wooden spools of thread as decor. They are just so pretty!